Getting Started

Are you a first time visitor? Welcome! Here I have provided some general information for you, so that you will not get lost.

What is ,,Move Perform Tell” about?
My blog is about dance – particularly about training in ballet, jazz, modern and hip hop, about teaching to classes ranging from creative movement to adult beginners, about finding and choosing music and about my inspirations.

What can I do here?
a) Read! On this blog, I collect texts about training and teaching, about music and inspirations. On the first page, you can find my latest posts or…

b) Search! …you an click on the small button in the upper right corner to open the menu and take a look at the different categories my blog offers.

c) Talk! Below each text you can enter a comment. I would love to hear what you have to say about the stuff I put out here and am looking forward to hearing your opinion.

d) Subscribe! You have not found enough? Then, you can click on the ,,follow”-button in the right corner at the bottom of the page and enter your e-mail, so that you will receive a mail whenever something new shows up.

Why was this title chosen?
The title ,,Move Perform Tell” is to reflect what dance means to me:

Move – This is an easy one: Dance is the art of movement. It adds motion to stories and expresses feelings through movement. At the same time, moving stands for another aspect of dance – for training and for technique.

Perform – A performance does not have to be in front of people. You perform if you have finished the piece of art you have been creating and put the pieces together to create a whole.

Tell – Not every dance has a deep meaning, but some do. There may be a story behind a dance, there may just be a feeling behind it. This is controversial, but personally I think that even a dance that was solemnly made to entertain is a dance that tells.


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