This is my first time visiting your blog. What should I do first?
First of all, thanks for taking the time to take a look at my work! In the menu, you will find a side called ,,Getting Started” which is where you can find information on what to take a look at first along with some general facts about my blog.

Who is the writer behind the blog?
I am a sixteen year old teen who is crazy about writing and dancing. As I am beginning to teach dance, I want to document the process I make and also provide you with the answers to lots of questions I have asked myself. I currently teach and train in Ballet, Jazz, Modern and Hip Hop and I like to see dance as the only thing that is art and sport as the same time. I do believe in technique being the key to successful dancing, but I also want to highlight the creative process.

I want to hear more from you!
I am so happy to hear that!
First of all, you can subscribe to the blog by clicking on the small button in the right corner at the bottom of this page and entering your e-mail. Then, you will hear from me whenever I post something new.
Also, I would love to hear what you have to say about the topis I write about. You can join the conversation by leaving a comment below each text or, if you have more private questions, send me a mail (lamariesusanne(at)gmail.com).


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