Rhythm Nation

Do your classes struggle with picking up a rhythm as well? I have a couple who struggle especially with combos that include breaks (1, 2, freeze, 4) or that have what I call a “difficult rhythm” like “1, 2-and, 3, 4-and…” That is why for the next few weeks we will be doing some exercises that I wanted to share with you.

Minis and juniors: I am going to include this in the warm-up to also give them a chance to move around. I will go with either running, skipping or chassés and call out “Six counts – 6,7,8”. That is when they start to run/skip/chassé and afterwards they freeze/drop to the floor etc. I like to end with “One minute – 6,7,8”, because then it is fairly impossible to be exact, so that it is fun and the same students do not always loose.

Teens and seniors: I have a couple of four counts like “clap, clap, clap, kick”, “kick, clap-clap, nothing, clap” and so on that I will try first. Then, I am going to do step touch, first starting as always on the first beat, then starting on the second. Afterwards, I divide the class into two groups, one starts on the first beat, the other one of the second. Usually it gets either confused when we add clapping (because you expect it to be on the first beat, but with step touch it usually is on the second) or when I have them run around the studio, freeze und repeat the exercise with the same groups – that is when they can no longer look at the others.

What exercise do you find most helpful?
What other exercises do you like to use?


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