Run Boy Run!

Yes, the title does refer to Woodkid’s hit – I literally am in love with it! Nonetheless, this one is not about music, but about something else: running. Do you use running for warm-up? I like to include at least three to five minutes of consecutive running or jumping in my warm-up and for modern and contemporary class I mostly go with running.

Do we just run around in a circle? No way. Running is so much more than that – it is a movement we use regularly, one that expresses several emotions. For you I have collected a list of exercises I like to include in my warm-up that all involve running!

a) Start whenever you want to
I like to have short warm-up sections with a couple of eight counts. The dancers run around the room and start the combo whenever they feel like. It helps focusing on yourself and dancing independently from other dancers in your class.

b) Car crash
When using with older students than my juniors, it usually gets to have another name, but I like this one best. Whenever you touch someone (gently!), you “crash” – roll down to the floor, drop, fall… Gives the students the chance to experiment in perfect Matrix-style!

c) Adjust it
Running is not always one and the same thing and here the students get to adjust to either an adjective or a situation you call out or a song that is played.


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