Oh it’s a spider!

Have you ever had a spider in your studio? Okay, thisis not what this post is supposed to be about. It just came to my mind and I found the thought sort of shocking.

Whatever. I have been looking for new warm-ups lately and have come up with lots of stuff. I am always looking for fun stuff and ice-breakers though as well as something the kids do not usually do at every kind of sport practice, in school and so on. What is special about the spider-warm up though is that it can be combined with a variety of other warm-ups I like to use in, it is quite exhausting, it is difficult to communicate with each other while concentrating on it (which sometimes is a big plus when it comes to my juniors) and it is super fun!

So, how does a spider run? Well, at least not using only two legs, so that our arms have to become legs as well and we can run using our feet and hands. Have the group spider-run circles, squares and whatever else you call out.
You can also split your class into two groups. The students have to follow one another while the chains are not allowed to meet. Call it “spider chains” – especially the little ones loving playing with words.

A little variation I like to use with my older ones is to combine it with “car crash”. It is one of the warm-up ideas I already introduced to you: While spider-running whenever you touch someone, you crash, roll across the floor etc. It is a lot of fun and a great exercise for older students who have problems getting used to utilizing the floor!


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