Modern & Contemporary Class Playlist

I am always looking for good music, but while for jazz and hip hop I like to go for the charts, it is more difficult with modern and contemporary. I have come across some great stuff though I will definitely be using this year and I wanted to share with you some of the resources where I found some great stuff!

They cover a lot from the charts and soundtracks and they are amazing! You ave to check out the videos as well, because that is by far not the way a piano usually is to be played. Great especially with kids to add songs to the classes that they are familiar with, but these covers are way better than simply using the instrumental versions!

I have typed in “Hans Zimmer” so many time, because what he does is amazing. This works great for all ages, because there definitely is something epic about his stuff. In general, Lion King works great with kids by the way!

The Kronos Quartet has produced some amazing stuff, but “Requiem For A Dream” is by far may favorite. I love the way it starts out slow and then becomes faster and louder, which is why I also like to use it for some basic warm-up exercises around tempos etc.


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