Night Class Stretching

Do you also have dance classes late at night when you come home and all you want to do is go to bed, but your muscles are sore and you know you have to stretch? Especially after ballet classes that consisted of lots of jump or conditioning classes with a great number of sit-ups and more it doesn’t matter what time it is – you need to get that yoga mat and do some exercises. Here I have a small stretching routine for you that you can do for your legs whenever there’s no time for more!

Be aware of the fact that each body is different. This guide is only meant to show you stretches that may be right for you. Remember to warm up before stretching. If experiencing pain, do not go any further. If the pain stays, consider asking your teacher or eventually a doctor about it.

Sit on the floor and make your soles touch. Grab your ankles and use your elbows to push down your knees, so that they’re as close to the floor as possible. Slowly bend to the floor, but remember to keep your back straight. After ten seconds drop down, put your hands in front of you on the floor and make them walk as far as possible away from them.

Sit on the floor with your legs straight and point your toes. Spread your legs apart to go into a straddle position. Grab your ankles to push your feet further apart and lean forward with your back straight. After ten seconds flex your feet and keep pushing them further apart with your hands. For the last ten seconds, point them again, put your hands in front of you on the floor and try to reach as far forward as possible.

Kneel on the floor and put one foot in front of you, so that your knee is right above your ankle. Lean back and grab your back feet, pulling it as far as possible towards your body. If you can’t touch it, put your arms in a circle above your head (third position) and lean backwards.

Put your feet down again and transfer your weight to your back knee. Straighten your front leg, put your hands next to your leg und lean down to make your face touch your knee.

Stay in the same position and flex your feet. Keep your hands next to your leg and try to push down as far as possible.

Do every stretch for about twenty to thirty seconds and, if possible, do two sets of each stretch.


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