Winter 2014 Playlist

I have got some new music for the winter and would like to share it with you! This is partially stuff that is hot in the charts at the moment, some things students asked me for and others that I enjoy quite a lot.

Up by Jesse Mc Cartney – it is upbeat, fast and what my juniors call ,,cool”. We did some jumping and running on it, but it could also be great for combo. One of my teens commented ,,Is that the weird guy from Hannah Montana?”, but we agreed that no matter if we liked Jesse or not, the song is fun.

Scream by Usher – something a little bit older I still had on my playlist. We used the verses for more warming up and the chorus for isolations.

Timber by Pitbull feat. Kesha – almost all of my juniors´ favorite song. We did plies and tendus during the verse and chasses, step touch and so on during the chorus. Super fun even if it may not be in the charts throughout the entire term.

Addicted2Me by Anjulie – to include some less well known stuff in my warm up. It is really catchy and calming down. Another one we used for plies and some contract and release-work.

Rolling In The Deep by Adele – one of my juniors asked for some better known music from the charts, naming this one as an example. I had though it had been forgotten by now, but whatever – great for strengthening and stretching.

Across The Floor & Center
Avalanche by Josephine (minis and juniors only) – always good to include some ,,Dance Moms”. I used it to introduce Martha Graham and it was rather spontaneous, because I had planned on another song that the kids found too slow. It worked out great though, even though it is more upbeat than the stuff I usually use for modern technique.

Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Ray (teens and seniors only) – an old one, but I love it anyway. It worked so great with the Martha Graham technique I wanted to introduce, especially contract and release. We did mostly floorwork and the song was great.

Let It Rock by Lil Wayne feat. Kevin Rudolf – another old one that I have been using frequently and absolute love for jazz technique, because it is so confident.

Poison by Nicole Scherzinger – I had different combos for minis/juniors and teens/seniors which was definitely necessary – a schoolyard theme dance for the younger ones and a jazz combo for the older ones.

Team by Lorde (teens and seniors only) – I love using Lorde for modern and contemporary. This one is so dark, but the chorus is so catchy I could not resist.

Back by Zendaya (minis and juniors only) – I found it on Skake It Up and liked that it is really hip hop but still kid-appropriate. The minis absolutely loved it, because the moves went well with the music (,,shake it shake it shake it” in the verse was great), but the juniors found it was not hip hop enough.

Talk Dirty by Jason Derulo (teens and seniors only) – at the moment you cannot quite choreograph hip hop stuff, without using this one. I absolutely love the chorus and when choreographing I found the bridge just wrong, but when teaching it definitely became my favorite part.


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