Tummy Work Out

What about some good work out to stay fit during the cold months?

Be aware of the fact that every body is different. This guide is only meant to show you some exercises that may work for you.

The first thing you need is music: Some people suggest certain songs while training your arms, other ones while working on your tummy and so on. This may be quite helpful if you’re running, but most of us will just enjoy their favorite music during work out – some that’s upbeat and encouraging, so turn on the radio or make a new playlist!

Lie down on the floor, your yoga matt or your blanket. Start by doing each of the suggested exercises eight times and do more every time you work out. Relax for a minute and try to make sure you have your shoulders down and lying on the floor. Put your feet on the floor and raise your head, so that you can see your belly button. Do you notice how your stomach muscles engage? Keep that feeling in mind, because it’s what you want to feel throughout the entire workout. So don’t relax between exercises or put your head so far down that your muscles get a chance to relax!

Do jazzhands and put them behind your ears without putting them behind your head. You want to move your head up not push it! Now raise your head until you can see your belly button and then lower it again – just so much that your muscles don’t relax entirely.

Put your hands next to your body as if you were offering something to someone sitting in front of you. Keep facing your belly button while you sit up, rolling up one whirl at a time, and lay down again the same way.

Repeat the exercise we’ve already done before, but now cross your arms across your chest, so that your right hand touches your left shoulder and the other way around. Keep going, I know you can do it!

Put your hands behind your ears again, look up to your belly button while keeping your shoulders on your floor and stay there this time! Straighten your legs and take them off the floor. Now kick your right leg up as if there was something above your stomach you wanted to hit and while lowering your right leg, kick the left leg up. Remember: Keep your muscles engaged by not letting your head drop to the floor!

Keep your head where it is while you do what we used to call “biking” when we’re playing as kids! Bend both legs and then straighten first the right one and while bending it straighten the left one.

We continue this exercise, but this time we will support it with our head. When your left leg is bent, move your right shoulder towards the knee and the other way around.

Sometimes after exercising your stomach might hurt a lot as you relax after the muscles have been engaged. To reduce pain, lay your head slowly down and put your arms around your bent legs. Stay in this position for a few seconds before you continue!


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